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My name is Madeleine, I’m French and am back in France after 13 years of living in The Netherlands. I’m in my forties, and have changed careers quite a few times. I had considered becoming a Coach but didn’t dare pursue it, until 2012, I took the leap and trained, getting my certification.  My main motivation to delve into coaching, was so that I could help women find happiness. Which was something that I had spent a long time searching for. I infuse my own experience in that I do, for when I find something that works for me I want to share it with everyone!     


I love to see women getting their sparkle back. Sometimes this process can be so instantaneous that it feels magical! I give women the tools that I use in my own life, to keep my sparkle and to ignite it in others.


I approach all my coaching experiences with love and acceptance. In me, you will truly find an encouraging partner and a safe space to help you process and to phenomenally grow. I love to connect deeply with my clients so that I can help you get ignited and get your spark back! 



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