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I would love for you to join the many women who’ve already taken and benefitted from my FREE 7-Day Feel Good e-course

To register, simply use this link: Register here! 

Starting tomorrow, you will receive an email each day with a quick and actionable step that will rapidly (or instantaneously) uplift your mood!


Your investment: 5 to 10 minutes a day, for 7 days


What you will gain:

-       Discover (or re-discover) simple tricks and exercises that will help you feel better in as little as a few minutes per day

-       Discover that you have the power to feel better

-       Support from the other course participants via the Facebook group (created especially for this course)

-       My support via the Facebook group!


What other participants say about this course:

-       My breath of fresh air after work!

-       Good analysis of our daily life, our psychology and its flaws. Beautiful attempts (and successes too!) to improve. And little by little… it works!

-       It was good to have a mail every day; like expecting a letter from a good friend 

-       It was things we knew already. And yet... If knowing what you should do was enough in itself, we would know it right? So a daily reminder helps!

-       I liked the mp3s very much; you have a soft voice that helps relaxing and listening; by only using one sense, we are more focused on the words and on our self.

-       Firstly a HUUUUUUUGE thank you for this wonderful experience!

-       This week has been very positive; I will keep in mind some of the tips to use them as often as possible.

-       I preferred the videos the most, to see you was more motivating, you emanate so much positive energies!

-       What helped me a lot was taking the time every day to focus on feeling good, making it a priority.


After this e-course, you will automatically receive my Monday Morning Motivation Mail. More free tips delivered each week to your inbox! 

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Free 5-day Challenge : Feel excited about Life


Another possibility (and you can do both!) is to participate in my Free 5-Day Challenge: Feel excited about life (coming in February 2018). 


During 5 days, you get a video (a short one, 5' max) with your daily "mission"delivered to your inbox. By doing simple exercises, you will add some spice to your life, in different areas, and then be able to continue on your own after the challenge. To register for this first round, click here!