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Free e-course


I would love for you to join the many women who’ve already taken and benefitted from my FREE 7-Day Feel Good e-course

To register, simply use this link: Register here! 

Starting tomorrow, you will receive an email each day with a quick and actionable step that will rapidly (or instantaneously) uplift your mood!


Your investment: 5 to 10 minutes a day, for 7 days


What you will gain:

-       Discover (or re-discover) simple tricks and exercises that will help you feel better in as little as a few minutes per day

-       Discover that you have the power to feel better

-       Support from the other course participants via the Facebook group (created especially for this course)

-       My support via the Facebook group!


What other participants say about this course:

-       My breath of fresh air after work!

-       Good analysis of our daily life, our psychology and its flaws. Beautiful attempts (and successes too!) to improve. And little by little… it works!

-       It was good to have a mail every day; like expecting a letter from a good friend 

-       It was things we knew already. And yet... If knowing what you should do was enough in itself, we would know it right? So a daily reminder helps!

-       I liked the mp3s very much; you have a soft voice that helps relaxing and listening; by only using one sense, we are more focused on the words and on our self.

-       Firstly a HUUUUUUUGE thank you for this wonderful experience!

-       This week has been very positive; I will keep in mind some of the tips to use them as often as possible.

-       I preferred the videos the most, to see you was more motivating, you emanate so much positive energies!

-       What helped me a lot was taking the time every day to focus on feeling good, making it a priority.


After this e-course, you will automatically receive my Monday Morning Motivation Mail. More free tips delivered each week to your inbox! 

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Free 10-day Self-Love Challenge


Another possibility (and you can do both!) is to participate in my Free 10-Day Self-Love Challenge. 

It re-starts every month, and during each of the 10 days, you get a video (a short one, 5′ max) with your daily “mission”delivered to your inbox. There is a Facebook group specifically created for this challenge (which in in French and in English, so you get to practice your French at the same time ;-)) in order to share, inspire others and get inspired too!


To register for the next round, click here! 


And to join the 10-Day Self-Love Challenge Facebook group, it’s here!