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Most of us go through life pursuing what we think is going to make us happy — meeting a partner, having children, buying a house, and building a career. Until we finally wake up one day wondering if this is it; if the next half of our life is going to be about keeping what we have. Or if there is anything else to life? What is actually the purpose of our life? We start looking around for clues on what we are supposed to do, to accomplish. We might even throw our life upside down on our way, looking for that thing called purpose.


I didn’t have to toss it upside down, that was done for me… I had just turned 40 (and gotten married with my lovely Dutch husband after having had 2 daughters), when my father died suddenly. Then, I lost my job, my mother in law decided to divorce, and more. That was the beginning of a few sh*t years where I kept looking for my purpose, as my world was completely shaken.


Until I finally realized that the only purpose is to find your joy, which can be pretty hard at times. But I think I’m getting there, and that’s what I’d like to help you with. Maybe you have recently separated, as a result of re-assessing your life and discovering that your relationship no longer suits you. Or, maybe you are considering changing careers, for something that fits more with who you are. I’d like to help you by giving you the clues and tools to find that joy inside of you, to take control of your life, to become perfectly happy with who you are. 




This small video (about 5 minutes) introduces what I do and how I can
be of help to you.
Please have a look and contact me if you have questions and/or want
to know more.